Duddington Block Party Less Than a Week Away!

The ponies are chomping at the bit.
The firemen are on call.
The T-shirts are ordered.
The PigKiln 3000 is under construction.
The kids are practicing the hoola-hoop.
And, the DJ is tuning up.

Are you ready for the
40th Annual Duddington Block Party Next Saturday June 13th!!!

If you have not already made your contribution (goal of at least $30 per household plus $15 per guest), please drop off a check (payable to Duddington Block Association) to Michele Piquet at 119 Duddington. Or pay right here. We received very few donations so far and without a considerable increase in donations we may have to cut some events from the day. DONATE NOW!

DC street cleaners will clean our block on Friday night (June 12th), but they won’t be able to clean the streets if there are cars in the way. All cars must be moved by Friday at 5pm.  Please Remember that the Block Assoc. is not providing alcohol this year due to DC regulations.

-If you have any questions, just email us at duddingtonplace@gmail.com
Duddington Block Party unofficial coordinating committee: Jon Clark, Scott Day, Joshua Tonsager, Christine O’Reilly and Ruth Wasem


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